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Final Guest Speaker Announced!

After much anticipation, the College of Art and Design has final released the name of the final guest speaker for this year's Design Symposuim! Prepare to meet protest artist Shedard Fairey! He is known for his work on Obama's 2008 Presiedntal Election Campaign and much of the anti-war reverse-propaganda graphics he creates to support peace.

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May 28, 2018

KSU Getting Media Attention for Big Design Symposium

Eleven Alive ran a news special to talk about KSU's Upcoming Deisgn Conference and distiguished guest speakers. A whole one hour special ran in which newscaster came to visit our very own visual arts building and meet our instructors. THey even stopped in to participate in a print making class- most getting copious amounts of ink on themesleves and others.

May 10, 2018

Schedule Relased for Design Symposium 2018

  Date & Time   Subject   Location
  6/24, 2pm   Vectors in Victory   Wilson Building 103
  6/25, 11am   Swoon: Impact   Social Sciences 1021
  6/25, 4pm   TBD   Convocation Center
  6/26, 9am   Dan Rhatigan: Typeface   Stillwell Theater
  6/26, 3pm   JavasScript Coding   VA 207, 209, Mac Lab

April 26, 2018

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