Collaborative Session with Ella Weaver

In keeping with the spirit of connecting where you can, a colleague of mine helped me stage a team up so that we could put our heads together and collaborate during this restrictive time. Armed with a couple of hours, 2 masks and one heavy duty air purifier, we took to the studio and created intriguing portraits of one another.

Together we approached using mirrors, smoke and colored lighting to see how we could stage our chosen props to create moody and cinematic portraits using our limited resources.

See my shots from the session.

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Meet this project's partner in collaborative crime.

Ella Weaver is a 19 year old Photography and Video major at KSU. She is a curious creator, a conscious creature. A D.C. native, she has loved the intimacy and adrenaline of framing moments through a viewfinder. She loves intensity and the human; all of her art picks away at how it feels to be alive. Ella is a student of life. She loves when people can’t decipher their own handwriting and despises a weak metaphor. In the future, she hopes to be simultaneously monumental, and nothing at all. Ella is so excited to share her art in the Atlanta community.

Ella Weaver

Artist & Photographer