New Series

"Portals (Passages)"

About the Shoot

Portals is a shoot that explores non-tangible ideas like travel, changing ideals and escape. By utilizing a large golden doorway in these images, the viewer is given context about the subject’s position on a threshold and can gage the subject’s reaction to the boundaries imposed upon them.

As a part of this shoot, I created images with a selection of dancers from my local university. In each frame, they were given the choice to interact or break the box that surrounded them in the image.  This lent itself to an intriguing selection of poses and a variety of feelings that could be discovered in each interaction.

The added element of shooting in gowns lent itself to a more female driven message – one of strength in beauty, but also an added foil the movement in each pose. These women do not sit still and look pretty, rather they convey a message of action and choice, and in most images a dominance of their surroundings.

Read the full artist statement and see the whole gallery.