February Prompt - Enchantment

For this month’s prompt, Laura and I chose each other’s prompts: she gave me Enchantment and I gave her Day Dreams. My goal with this prompt was to create interesting portraits that create a  hauntingly whimsical mood.

While researching my theme, I looked into flower meanings and symbolism and chose the flowers I shot with based on their associations. The flowers pictured are Forget-Me-Nots, White Lavender and in some images, Roses.

  • Forget-Me-Nots : a connection that lasts through time, growing affections, lasting love, protection from witches
  • Lavender: caution, serenity, devotion, silence, femininity
  • Lavender Roses: enchantment, splendor

See where they went from here.

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Meet this project's model in collaborative crime.

Laura Height is a conceptual, fashion, and portrait photographer. Who is pursuing a B.F.A with a concentration of Photography at the University of Kennesaw State. She is currently a Senior and will be graduating in 2021.

Laura Height

Artist & Photographer