Passage (noun) – The act or process of moving through, under, over or past something of the way from one place to another.

Portal (noun) – A large or imposing gate or doorway.

This series evokes a sense of escapism, passages and changing ideals through the use of female dancers and imposing doorways. In each image a woman interacts with the frame – emerging from it, departing into it or otherwise interacting inside of this space. 

These images embrace the idea of turning points, escape and confinement, exploring conceptually ideas about the change in a woman’s place in modern society. These portals (paths) show points of departure: marrying the disturbance, leaving the box or staying and learning to redefine it – each an option on its own. 

In each of these photographs, a woman is shown in a beautiful gown – not sitting still, but rather operating and embracing her power of movement. Beauty, while sometimes seen as a weakness, in these images is harnessed as an eye-catching visual display and shown as a means of conceptual strength. Each gown lending the woman bright colors and helping to visually represent a facet of her personal power. Each color also lends the subject a stronger sense of identity within these massive doorways.

Portals (Passages) examines these ideals of the move toward existing out of bounds through conceptual means using these dramatically lit visuals as a means of communication.

February 2021


  • Dodho Magazine Online – March 2021