Seasonal Madness

A collaboration with John Lahood.

The piece is an examination of the Christmas holiday being joyous times of family, food and tradition; however, generous times of ease aren’t always pleasant dreams of sugar plums and sweets. For John the holidays bring a time of anxiety and discomfort. To express this sense of isolation that coupled with Christmas in the past, wrapping paper was used as a cloud to obstruct his head. The paper being a symbol of the anxiety that the abrupt chaotic drive of consumerism the holidays bring in. The bright colors, patterns, silver and gold tinsel being the spectacular gift that smothers him. 

The series encapsulates the anxiety that has inflicted John around the holidays and the discomfort we all feel at the crowding and controlling atmosphere that often comes with Christmas. The photos serve as a visual representation of the feelings that accompany holidays full of high standards, enforced behaviors and efforts to try and fit into a situation where you may not belong.



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