Sensuality Series

“Sensuality” is a series of photographs that highlight the fluidity of motion and liquid grace of dancers. The way they move, the way they bend, the sheer strength of their poses. A dancer’s ability in their craft is something sensual that should be admired.

These photographs explore dancers’ many talents and capture each in motion in a beautiful moment. Several photographs in the series, like “Strength” and “the Sway”, focus on individual dancers in exemplary moments. While others, such as “The Dance of Sisters” and “Exploration” highlight a dancer’s ability to become a partner in a grander embrace.

All in all, the series exemplifies the concepts of sensuality, strength and fluidity explored through a dancer’s craft. The light background and diffuse lighting allow for a blank canvas upon which each dancer can become the focus of their own striking moment, each embracing the softer and more enticing side of life.

Art ascent Magazine

Sensuality Edition
- June 2020 -

Jones Gallery

June Group Show
- June 2020 -



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