The New World : Isolation

In this photographic series, I’m using the dance community as a vehicle to address everyone’s new normal during this time of crisis. COVID took over our communities, daily lives and habitual practices with startling intensity. It changed what we wore, how we behaved, and how we interacted with the world around us. In these photographs, you can see COVID represented in the shocking shades of red, the large swaths of sheer fabric and the masks on people’s faces. And, in each photo you’ll notice each dancer stands alone, as many of us have during this new era of isolation.

Throughout the series you can see each person become consumed by their surroundings or emerge in a beautiful partnership with their new environment. While their positions may change, the color stays the same. The choice to use red predominantly in each of the shots serves to steal your focus and grab your attention, just like the pandemic has done to all of us in these past several months. While the fabric seen in several shots is used to represent the symbolic wall of space we’ve been taught to build around us, keeping others six feet away. Some of us have flourished and some of us have crumbled, but either way, we’ve all had to learn to adjust to our new limitations and our new states of isolation.

November 2020


  • Bokeh Focus Online – November 2020
  • MerriMINT @ Mint Gallery, Atlanta GA – December 2020
  • New Visions @ Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art, Kennesaw GA – January 2021
  • A Generous Kingdom V  @ Verum Ultimum Art Gallery Online – January 2021
  • Art in the Time of Corona @ Dab Art Online – Early 2021
  • Al Tiba 9 Contemporary Online – March 2021