We Art St. Sebastian

We Are St. Sebastian is a mixed media photographic series that addresses the pandemic of 2020-2021 and how it has impacted our lives. It takes the historical figure of Saint Sebastian and employs his likeness toward a modern interpretation. In the middle ages, he was hailed as the patron saint of the plague and plague survivors and here is empowered as the patron saint to a new pandemic. And, as this plague has so completely altered the lives of each of us, the alterations to each image serve as a visual representation of the changes this time has brought us – a cut-and-pasted by-product of our previous normal.

Each man shown in these images serves as a message that this change has not left us alone and while many of us have been isolated, we are all experiencing this time as a community and not as a singularity. We Are St. Sebastian is a reminder that we are all embracing a new time and a new identity separately but still together.


Saint Sebastian historically is considered the patron saint of archers, athletes, the plague and plague survivors, the military and those who desire a saintly death. He is most commonly depicted as a young man with bound hands who has been shot full of several arrows, though he did not die this way. Because of his youthful appearance and commonly generous physique he has also been linked in modern times to the LGBTQ+ community. Artistic representations of this saint are considered to be symbolic of perseverance, courage, strength, justice and stamina in the face of adversity.

March 2021